2016 Summer Trip – Day 9

Sunday, June 5th – We drive out to the trailhead for the Merced Grove of sequoias. The hike is steep at certain places but the trail is not crowded. The sequoias are massive and inspiring.

Next we head to Tuolumne Meadows. The Visitor Center there had not yet opened. This is very disappointing. I would have hoped the Park Service would have done a better job to have let us know before we made the trip up to the meadows. At a picnic site, Park Rangers pull over bikers. The bikers were typical of those we would see over the course of the summer: rude, bad language, noise pollution generators, and no consideration of others. One of the bikers proceeded to argue to with the Ranger… an argument he would loose. Do not mess with law enforcement in the National Parks.

We enjoyed a picnic lunch and Christa and girls went on a hike. I make a handful of contacts on HF trying to start my list of NPOTA contacts.

I very much dislike the Tioga Pass road. No shoulder to speak off. Very white knucklish. I don’t think I would want to try and take the travel trailer over the pass.