Ubuntu 8.10 – fresh install

Yesterday I finally turned my dual-boot (Windows XP and Ubuntu) into a full fledged Ubuntu 8.10 box. The install went generally well. A little initial problem getting the wifi working (but I attribute that to my wifi network, not Ubuntu) and then a bit of tweaking to get my networked drives mounted permanently as well as configuring to print on a printer hooked to a Windows XP box and a network printer. I always forget that I have to install Samba before I configure /etc/fstab and make directories under the media folder. Once I realized my mistake, I was off and running. The printer setup was also fairly easy, having saved my settings from before.

I’m still keeping my Dell laptop on Windows XP for now. It has my MS Outlook which I still haven’t moved to Ubuntu’s Evolution. My ham computer is also still on Windows XP because I’m not yet willing to make the jump to a Linux based ham world.

I’ve said it before and am still convinced that I won’t need to give Microsoft any more money. When it is time to move my remaining boxes off of Windows, I won’t be looking back.