APRS… weather and beacon

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve got the data from my weather station being sent out via APRS. You can see the latest data here … although I like my Weather Display Live page better.

For my APRS station I am using a Yaesu 2M (packet-ready) transceiver, a Kantronics KPC-3+ TNC, and a computer running UI-View. I opted not to push any of my APRS traffic via the IGate, I’m only looking at what I can see via RF. And I can see quite a bit. I’d wonder if I’d want to put my station into digipeater mode – but with all the APRS traffic around here, there is no need. In fact, I cranked the radios power output down to 5 watts to try and not add to the APRS congestion. I’ve got over 30 stations just within 20 miles as you can see here.

UI-View is working well and was fairly easy to setup. I enjoy at looking at a lot of the vehicle APRS hits in Kansas City… there is quite a bit during the commute hours.