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Jeff, KE9V, took down his blogroll. I completely understand why he did it… but I used it for my daily stroll through ham blogdom. If I was squared away, I’d have one of those RSS aggregators – I’d be able to neatly peruse through the latests posts. But I’ve never been able to get the hang of using those. I panicked a bit when I saw the blogroll was gone – but then I attempted to piece together what was there and added in some other blogs that I enjoy as well. So now over on the left side my link list is much longer than before. The beauty of my blog is that it doesn’t get much traffic, so I won’t run into the same problem Jeff had…. and I’ll easily be able to take my morning walk through what I believe is the best in amateur radio blogging.

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  1. Try Google Reader out, I think you’ll like it. That’s how I keep up to date on all the ham blogs out there…

    Justin KB3JUV

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