What makes a good ham blog?

There are about a bajillion ham blogs floating around the internet. What makes the good ones stand out? Here are the three main things I look for:

(1) Good writing. Who knew that some hams are actually very good writers? I’m consistently checking my very favorite ham blogs because I really look forward to reading what they have to say. The text is well written, well thought through and sometimes thought provoking. Some ham bloggers writing makes you feel like your right in the ham shack with them or maybe looking over their shoulder at the workbench while they are involved with a project. Their words paint the scene so vividly, you can smell the solder smoke.

(2) Original thoughts on a variety of topics. More than just a list of the latest DX contacts, score in the a recent contest, or what the local club is doing – the great blogs cover a spectrum of topics. Well written product reviews, stories about 1st HF contacts, learning CW and sticking with it, having an Elmer that changed your life, or a neat trick that is easy for all to duplicate and will save time and/or prevent frustration. DXpeditions are enjoyable to read about, even if it is just to the local park. The antenna that works that shouldn’t have. Painful lessons learned again and again. But always fresh and never repetitive.

(3) Good pictures/graphics. Not only are their ham bloggers out there that can write, they also have a wonderful ability to create sharp and engaging graphics for the internet. Sometimes humorous, sometimes technical, or just an image that helps further expound on the blog entry, good pictures and graphics can make a difference.

I’ll add a fourth – it doesn’t have to be all ham all the time. Many excellent amateur radio blogs include items from everyday life that let you know the blogger is not completely addicted to the hobby.

Big thanks to all you ham bloggers – I enjoy and appreciate your work!