Happy Thanksgiving!

(1) Home Brew: not talking about building an amateur radio project… talking about beer! I am the recipient of a Mr. Beer Deluxe Edition Home Brewery kit. Last week I completed the initial steps; mixed the wort with water and yeast. So now the batch has been fermenting for a week. I’m now waiting for my shipment of bottles so I can bottle this batch to complete the fermentation. I’ll probably experiment with the sugar types to see what that does with the flavor. I hope to be bottling by mid-week and then it should be about two more weeks before I get to start tasting the results.

(2) PRO-528: picked up the Radio Shack PRO-528 scanner. I got a USB programming cable and the Scancat Lite Plus software to program the scanner. I’ve loaded Hampton’s city frequencies for the police and fire, freqs for Langley Air Force Base, some 2m repeater freqs, and the FRS/GMRS freqs. So far, the scanner is working great.

(3) I got a QSL card from Hawaii! Just need my Alaska card for QSL for Worked All States.

(4) Model Rocket: fired off a model rocket on Saturday. Three times – all successful. The first launch with a B engine went pretty high, but the last two really took off using a C engine. The parachute worked well and the this is the first time I think I’ve ever returned home with a rocket (my other rockets being lost over fences, behind backyards, etc.). Of course that was all about 25 years ago. What I think would be fun is to build a rocket with a big enough payload that would carry a GPS and 2M transmitter to do APRS.

(5) Haven’t been on the air lately – I’ll try tonight.