EU Autumn Sprint — SSB, sponsored by the EU Sprint Gang, 1600Z-1959Z Oct 7 (CW is 1600Z-1959Z Oct 14). Frequencies: 80-20 meters, stations outside EU work EU stations only. SOAB category only. Exchange: your call, serial number, name, other station’s call. Special QSY rule — see Web site. Score is number of QSOs. For more infor-mation: Logs due 15 days after the contest to or Paolo Cortese, I2UIY, PO Box 14, I-27043 Broni (PV), Italy (CW logs to Karel Karmasin, OK2FD, Gen Svobody 636, CZ-674 01 Trebic, Czech Republic).

Chase down the rare counties in the largest of all state QSO parties.

California QSO Party — CW/SSB, sponsored by the Northern California Contest Club, 1600Z Oct 7-2159Z Oct 8. Frequencies: 160-2 meters. Categories: SOAB (HP >200 W, LP, QRP), MS, MM, CA County Expedition, Mobile, Club, School. SO work 24 hours only. CW QSOs in CW subbands, except 160/6/2 meters. Stations on a county line count as a single contact for QSO points, but both counties may be claimed as multipliers. Exchange: serial number and state/province (DX send DX) or CA county. QSO points: CW –3 pts, Phone — 2 pts. Score: QSO points × CA counties (max 58) or CA stations multiply by states and VE call areas (max 58). For more information: Logs due by Nov 15 via form on contest Web site (preferred),, or to NCCC, c/o Kevin Rowett, WB6S, 21906 Monte Ct, Cupertino, CA 95014.

Oceania DX Contest — sponsored by the Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) and New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters (NZART), Phone 0800Z Oct 7-0800Z Oct 8 (CW is 0800 Z Oct 14-0800Z Oct 15). Frequencies: 160-10 meters, work VK/ZL/Oceania stations only. Categories: SOAB, SOSB, MS, MM, SWL. Exchange: RS(T) and serial number. QSO points: 160 — 20 pts, 80 — 10 pts, 40 — 5 pts, 20 — 1 pt, 15 — 2 pts, 10 — 3 pts. Score: QSO points × WPX prefixes counted once per band. For more information: Logs due Nov 12 in Cabrillo format (required for logs with more than 50 QSOs) to (CW to or paper logs (if fewer than 50 QSOs) to Oceania DX Contest, c/o Wellington Amateur Radio Club Inc, PO Box 6464, Wellington 6030, New Zealand.

YLRL Anniversary Party — CW, sponsored by the YLRL, 1400Z Oct 3-0200Z Oct 5 (Phone Oct 10-Oct 12). Frequencies: 160-10 meters. Exchange: serial number, RS(T), and ARRL section/VE province/country. QSO points: US or VE YLs — 1 pt, DX YLs — 2 pts. Score: QSO points × S/P/C. For more information: Logs due 30 days after the contest to or to Nancy Rabel Hall, KC4IYD, PO Box 775, North Olmsted, OH 44070.

PSK Rumble (The Fall Classic) — sponsored by Troy ARA, 0000Z-2400Z Oct 7. 160-6 meters. Exchange: name and S/P/C. Categories: Normal (>100 W), Great (<20 W), Super (<5 W), Novice, SWL. Score: QSOs × (W/VE/JA/VK call areas + DXCC entities counted once per band). For more information: Logs due Oct 30 via online score submission form at 10-10 Day Sprint -- Phone/CW/Digital, 0001Z-2359Z, Oct 10. One QSO per station, regardless of mode. Logs due Oct 25 (see Aug QST, p 88 or