Polar Bear Moonlight Madness Event

On Friday, October 6th from 1900utc until 2200utc or so look for Polar Bears on the air! Yes we bears will hike, drive etc to the top of the local terrain and operate our qrp rigs. We call this a Polar Bear Moonlight Madness Event or PBMME. We do this only during or near a full moon every month from October to March. We presently have 37 Polar Bears in over six states and two countries so look for the US and Canadian PBs on the air this Friday!

The EPA QRP Club sponsors this nice event.

Every Polar Bear has a PB# so ask for his number too. This isn’t a contest, but just a FUN event. It’s a nice way to get to know other hams too.

If you want to bag a bear, look around the QRP frequencies of 3.5060, 7.040, 10.106, 14.060 and 21.060mhz.

Be the first to work WA3WSJ and I’ll send you a very nice Two Dollar Canadian Polar Bear Coin! You can look at the coin on my Polar Bear Website at http://www.wa3wsj.com/files/PolarBear2006.html

Be sure to look in the scrolling picture header at the top of the page.

PB #2