Need WY for WAS

…. why, yes I do! From the Second Class Operator’s Clubbecause so few really are First Class

Dale WC7S who is a member of the NAQCC is this week’s “bear” in the NAQCC Bear Hunt. The Bear Hunt is an operating event to help folks obtain their WAS awards.

Dale will be on the air for the next few days; and you can find his schedule at:

1300-1400 3.560$
1800-1900 7.030
1900-2300 14.060*

$ – 80m if open, else 7.030
* – 20m if open, else 10.116

In the following few weeks, we will be putting Connecticut and Washington State on the air. Not rare enough for you? Well, all 50 are needed sooner or later to complete WAS. It’s our goal at the NAQCC to get all 50 on the air in the upcoming weeks.

Keep checking the schedule!

Larry W2LJ