Weekend wrap up

A pretty busy Sunday….

– The recon to Edenton, NC went well. I found the lighthouse without too much difficulty, although you would not run into this lighthouse unless you were specifically looking for it. It’s an old screwpile lighthouse (the only remaining screwpile in North Carolina) that used to be in active use near the town of Roper (across the Albemarle Sound from Edenton). It served as a beacon to guide ships up the Roanoke River towards the town for Plymouth. A former tugboat operator, Emmett Wiggins, purchased the lighthouse in 1955 and had it brought to Edenton, where it was used as a residence. There was an attempt to sell the lighthouse to the Port O’Plymouth Museum (http://www.livinghistoryweekend.com/port_o.htm), but the deal ended up falling through. The museum ended up building a reproduction instead (http://www.roanokeriver.com/news_features/lighthouse.htm). The Edenton Historical Commision is now going to purchase the lighthouse and have it moved near the waterfront/downtown area.

Edenton is a beautiful little town right on the Albemarle Sound. There are two viable locations to conduct an activation. The first is from the waterfront park – the lighthouse is about 400 yards away across the water. The second is in a small park directly across and a bit down stream from the lighthouse. The downtown area stores were closed on Sunday, but I was able to find a restaurant near the waterfront that was open.

– I finished most of my QSL cards from an activation of the Old Point Comfort Lighthouse back in May (http://shedberg.livejournal.com/2006/05/13/). I enjoy filling out the cards and remembering the QSOs that stand out.