“No counterpoise” antenna on the beach today

I took my 7.8m homebrew version of the “no counterpoise” antenna /p down to the beach at the King Alfred in Hove this afternoon.

Set up was easy – cable tied top to my fishing pole, twisted the pole 4 or 5 times to keep the wire close to the pole and cable tied it in 3 other places. Banged my support stake into the sand/gravel, sat the pole over it, connected up the balun and tuner at the base and I was on air in under 5 minutes (bit of a breeze compared with setting up the Moxons like I usually use).

Anyway, quick flick through all the bands from 20 thru 6 proved it was easy to tune on them all with the Elecraft T1. First QSO was into Germany on 17m – sigs genuine 58 to 59. Second QSO into Germany on 20, and 3rd QSO into southern Switzerland on 20. These were also genuine 59 QSOs. Mode used – SSB, power used 2.5W. Also listened into some French CBers on 11m (strong 59 sigs on AM).

Band condx were pretty crap though with lots of QRM from very strong French BC station affecting 17m, and lots of QRN – I think there were lightning storms going on somewhere very distant.

Anyway, I’m extremely pleased with the way it worked and with how quick and easy it was to set up, and the no hassle band changing. Definitely a winner with me, and now a permanent part of my /p outfit.

72s for now
Pete M3KXZ G-QRP 11767
Brighton UK