Phase 2 testing

I tested the initial freq range of the VFO circuit and found it was 4.114 to 4.034 MHz – which would equate to a final 40M range that was below 7 MHz. I moved the coils closer together and got 4.002 to 3.925. That range would put me at the bottom of the 40M band (7.000 – 7.070 MHz) and I was looking for something more in the Novice band. So one more adjustment of the coils and I got 3.923 to 3.847 MHz which should give me something like a final freq range of 7.085 to 7.145… putting me well within the Novice band.

Now I need to get a glue gun to secure the coils to the toroid so they don’t slip.

Then it is on to Phase 3.