CW advice

From: Barton, Jim
Sent: Monday, December 19, 2005 2:54 PM
Subject: CW QSO’s

If I offered any advice at all, it’d be to just jump in and get on the air. I’m usually on or around the FISTS frequencies on 20m & 40m (14058 & 7058) most evenings CST, (although this pre-Christmas week will be kinda busy). If you hear me banging away on a CQ, or finishing a QSO, give me a buzz and tell me to slow down. We can move up or down to clear the calling freq, and have some fun.

The CCN net is a cool way to break in too; I’m new to that, but do enjoy it when I can.

Getting interested in earning CW certificates from CCN or FISTS or anyone else can be a great motivator to get involved and work on your code speed. About every national club or organization has its ways of recognizing members for doing what they enjoy.

Again, jump on in, ask for a QRS if necessary and have a ball … I’m looking forward to working you both.

Vy 73,