A few firsts…

My first QSO with Russia! And from Andy’s page on QRZ.com:
ex: UA3-151-472 (10.12.80), EZ3SAN (16.11.81), UA3SFF (7.02.84 – 25.08.86), RW3DQC (27.09.98)

Добрый утро!

It was a short QSO, but great QSO.

Another short QSO, but first with North Dakoda:
Dwayne’s QSL is good in the 3905 Century Club and OMISS buro’s, the ARRL buro and via LoTW. ALL contacts are currently loaded in LoTW. SASEs are welcome. If you need a card, you got to send a card.

His love for radio stems from his father, an operator on 11m radio in the late 60’s. Dwayne’s start in radio was also with 11 meters as a teen. When that wasn’t enough, he explored other operating experiences. He became a communications officer in Civil Air Patrol, Panama City Flordia. Later took the FCC tests for his Amateur Radio license. He started with Amateur Radio as a NO-CODE Tech and received the call KD4POJ. He enjoyed the W4RYZ remote base (2-10 meters). At that point he was hooked on 10 meters. In 1994 he was voted in as President of the Panama City ARC. He considered that a great honor and still holds that club in the highest regards. Dwayne’s elmers and friends he will never forget are Steve AC4QB, Dan KO4YG, John KO4HX, and Dave N4YEO. “THANKS, GUYS!!!”

In 1995, he moved to Germany and received the call DA4POJ. Still wanting more he learned the code and upgraded to General. Keeping his stateside call the same but shortened his German callsign to DA1PJ. Dwayne made lots of good friends with that call.

In July 2002 Dwayne and his family moved to Minot (My Not) North Dakota. Dwayne enjoys digital communications such as PSK31, SSTV, and RTTY. Dwayne is active on 160m from ND and only needs HI to finish his 160m SSB ARRL WAS. He is a member of the ARRL, 10-10 International and AB1HZ (Former Operators of HZ1AB.) In 1993 he had the pleasure of being a guest operator (3 months) at HZ1AB in Dhahran KSA. He was also a regular op for the TEAM EIFEL ARC (DA1SP) and was a guest operator of DL0BIT (K-51.) Dwayne is an active member of the 3905 Century Club and OMISS WORKED ALL STATES nets, so if you need North Dakota for your WAS you can find him on one of those nets. Dwayne does very little CW but will work you on that mode if it’s really necessary.

Dwayne’s XYL Carol, is also a HAM (KE4ZLS, ex-DA4ZLS, ex-DA4ELS), she enjoys 6 meters and another way to keep tabs on Dwayne.

Above is a picture of Dwayne in Saudi Arabia, 2001. This was his second trip to The Kingdom; the first was in 1993. In June of 2003 Dwayne went back to the Middle East and spent several months in Kuwait but didn’t get to operate.

A message for his fellow brothers and sisters serving in the Armed Forces…”You’re in my prayers and thoughts as you serve our great Country. Be careful and serve with pride.”

First QSO with Maine! Fran said it’s getting pretty cold up there.

Nice QSO with John:
I was born in 1965 and like a lot of hams, I got into radio at an early age. Became an official ham in 1993 and made the move to extra in 2004. I have a stay at home XYL and 2 young boys who are beginning to show an interest in ham radio. I am now retired which gives me a lot more time to spend with my family and friends. Not to mention ham radio and my other hobbies which include the outdoors, firearms and restoring tube radios. I also enjoy military history and collecting military items from the civil war to Vietnam. This goes with-out saying the honor it is to be able to talk with any veteran. Thank you again for my freedoms.

I strongly feel that the ham community is a fraternity of wonderful people that are always there to help out. And as such, I would also be more then happy to help any one at any time any way that I can. Please feel free to email me about any thing. Together, there is no problem that we can not solve.

My motto has always been 100% ham-spirit in every sense of the word.

QSL info = 100% Direct or via Bureau. I also upload the logbook to LOTW and eQSL. Please do NOT send a SASE as these are not needed at all. But please send the paper QSL’s as I do collect them.

Thank you once again for stopping by and I’ll be looking forward to the next time we meet.

73 John

This was an interesting QSO with Alex – he was operating through an 80 M station in Virginia via the internet!
Check out his website.