QSL card from Bob (WD4CNZ)

I’m enjoying the QSL card from Bob (WD4CNZ) I received in the mail today… what a neat design.
Here’s Bob’s info from QRZ.com:
Occupation: Teacher of Horticulture Ham Radio interests: DX’ing, ARES, island collecting, DX-peditions Awards sponsored by this station: DX DOZEN, GIANT STEP AWARD, SPECIAL TRIBUTE, MILESTONES AWARD (details via callbook address–OK since ’77) Age: Young at heart 10X#: 43270 Springbok#: 291 Fondest memory of ham radio: helping my Elmer’s daughter-in-law to get her ham license and pass the exam just before he died of cancer–he told me that I had repaid a debt of honor! Favorite bands: 10, 15, 20M (whatever is open and wherever the DX is!) ALWAYS WILLING TO STOP AND CHAT WITH ANYONE WHO CALLS ME AND AM ONE OF THE LAST STATIONS THAT STILL QSL’s 100 percent. 73 es DX de Bob WD4CNZ