Calling CQ

Calling CQ to Make a Contact – Don Cassel VE3XD

Let’s assume your license permits you to operate SSB on 10 meters.

1. Begin by finding a clear frequency such as 28.360. Speak clearly into the mike and ask “Is this frequency in use? This is VE3BUC.” If you get no response you might ask a second time just to be sure. Again if there is no response then proceed to step 2. If someone says that the frequency is in use then just move to another clear frequency and try again.

2. Now call “CQ CQ CQ. This is Victor Echo 3 Bravo Uniform Charlie calling CQ CQ CQ. This is Victor Echo 3 Bravo Uniform Charlie, VE3BUC calling CQ and waiting for a call.”

Now you listen for the return call. Being on an HF band (10 meters) it is possible to get a call ranging from very strong to very weak.

3. You hear “VE3BUC this is Papa Yankee 1 Alpha November Foxtrot PY1ANF calling.”

4. You respond by saying “PY1ANF (using phonetics is best) this is VE3BUC. Thanks for the call your signal is 59. My name is Don and my QTH is Ontario. So how do you copy? PY1ANF this is VE3BUC over.”

You have made your first HF contact. At this point you can make the contact as long or short as you like depending on the band conditions and what you find to discuss with your new friend in Brazil.

5. You end an HF contact by giving both call signs and signing off. For example: “… thanks Luis for the contact and 73 to you and your family. PY1ANF this is VE3BUC signing off.”

What do you do if more than one station responds to your call? If you hear one call clearly then simply respond to that station as discussed above. If you hear only parts of call signs, maybe “Alpha November” then in step 4 begin by saying “the station with Alpha November make your call.” Once you have heard the complete call sign you can proceed as in step 4.