Working the projects….

I have two desktops for the radio room. The first is a Compaq Presario, is fairly new, has beefy RAM, a nice speedy processor, and running WinXP. I’ve been using the Presario for (1) running the RX-320 using RxPlus, (2) host for syncing with the Palm IIIxe, (3) burning CDs, (4) web browsing. The other desktop is an older eMachine – 700MHz, 64MBs of RAM, running WinME. I bumped the RAM up to a total of 192MB and added a PCI card that gives me two additional serial ports. Prior to today’s memory upgrade I’ve been using the eMachine for running packet and WinLink2000/Airmail through a serial link to my TNC (Kantronics KPC-3+) into my IC-706MKIIG. Pretty low impact stuff. Since the memory upgrade, I’ve attached the IC-PCR1000 and installed RxPlus… which runs a little more sluggishly on the eMachine as opposed to the Presario. But the IC-PCR1000 appears to be working. I still need to get the discone antenna installed outside.

An interesting note – I’d forgotten how buggy WinME was. Major pain installing the memory, the additional PCI card with the serial ports.