More Noodling

Still not quite getting there. I drove out to Langley AFB and parked in an open area. I sparked up the GPS and was soon passing data between the GPS and D7A. The D7A was soon chirping away as the APRS data was inbound. I verified that packets I received were being passed from the D7A to my GPS and plotting as waypoints (as advertised). I then received a beep and the message “My Position” came up on the D7A display. A good sign – this meant that someone had digipeated my packet and I recived it.

So – I know the GPS and the D7A are talking as they are supposed to. But I think my issue is what to use as an UNPROTO path. RELAY,WIDE? WIDE2-2? WIDE3-3? WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1?