For your consideration

Here is a great ham webpage. Explore the links to the left under the Site Map. Dave, G3VGR, is a rabid CW enthusiast: “CW is my favorite mode of operation. I no longer operate any other modes as none give me anywhere near as much enjoyment as sending and receiving Morse. My microphones are stored safely somewhere in the garage and I removed the SSB option board from my K2 a while ago. I am a member of 8 CW clubs and like to participate in their activities.” He’s got a great collection of CW keys.

He also has a great collection of QRP rigs and homebrews a lot of his own equipment: “I am a Radio Amateur, not an Amateur Radio Operator”. Great quote!

I recently read this blog – from it’s first entry back in Jan 2004 up to today’s. Right off the bat, the blog looks cool. I like the MFJ-564B paddle as the background image. The QSL cards stacked along the right side are very cool. I enjoy the blog’s focus. Michael, WA5ICA, also only operates CW. He starts his blog adventure with two MFJ QRP rigs (15M and 20M) and operates from his truck.

It is interesting to see his operations and equipment change over time (participating in contests from the driveway, trying different CW keys, getting a new rig, new antenna). I invite you to start from the first post and work your way forward, I think you’ll consider it time well spent.

One thought on “For your consideration”

  1. Well, since I got the IC-7000, I have operated a little SSB, but the mix is still 95% CW, 5% SSB. I find that I have to hear a call repeated 2 or 3 times on SSB that I would get 1st time in CW.

    Also, the SSB is getting into one of my stereo speakers in the truck. Doesn’t happen on CW.


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